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1) Is cintimeg dead sexy? hella yes!
2) Would suriya go out with cintimeg? anything's possible
3) One thing you can't stand about jleedev? too smart ;)
4) Is notla an emo? nooooo
5) Are ella_smiles and themaskedrebel going steady? hahaha not from what i know
6) What is osushlee09's favorite food? it better be indian (haha)
7) Where did you first meet kimberly87? school i think
8) Are picino5 and brian_baker married? i don't think they even know each other
9) What do you agree with ella_smiles about? singing :)
10) What comic book character would wizarf be? jughead...i don't know why, but jughead
11) Does suriya have a big secret? everyone has a big secret
12) Does cintimeg smoke? sometimes
13) Would you ever date kebuck918? i'm pretty sure she's already taken
14) What animal does kimberly87 remind you of? a peacock....you know, pretty long hair....pretty feathers? yes? maybe?
15) Where was suriya born? not quite sure
16) Which of your friends should d1scolemonade go out with? hmmm....for some reason, poorav is coming to mind..hahaha
17) What is matcha's favorite movie? i'm gonna say anything anime hehe :)
18) If wizard2jew took over the world, who would suffer? everyone
19) What song/movie would you recommend to zarquan42? V for Vendetta...that was the first thing that came to mind haha
20) What is wizard2jew's favorite color? something obscure, probably :)
21) What flavor of jello would ella_smiles be? what kind of question is this?
22) Has mattwonder been to your house/dorm? yes!!!!!! :)
23) What would you do if you found out milo790 has a crush on you? i'd be flattered, of course!
24) Would kebuck918 and jleedev make a good couple? no comment
25) What exotic animal would mattwonder like as a pet? a parrot that complimented him all day long haha (who wouldn't want that though)
26) Do you think zoltan is hot? duhhhh
27) If themakster and brian_baker were spliced together, what would it be like? a makian i guess..... (maki plus brian)
28) How tall is brian_baker? tall enough
29) How would mimikao kill themaskedrebel? hahaha that would require common sense ;)
30) Does kimberly87 go to your school? not anymore
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